Butterfly Valve Spacer

Butterfly Valve Spacer Perth.

Contact the DEWATER PRODUCTS valve division on 08 6261 9967 based in Perth, Western Australia.

Butterfly valve spacers are usually made from HDPE material to suit DN250, DN200, DN160, DN100 valve sizes. Butterfly Valve Spacers are used to create a space opening for a butterfly valve disc between pipe flanges in a pipeline. Sometimes butterfly valves cannot open fully without a HDPE Butterfly Valve Spacer on both sides of the valve. The HDPE Butterfly Valve Spacer allows the valve disc to open when installed. Sometimes when thick PE pipe is used, a butterfly valve spacer will also be required for this same purpose.

DN250 SDR11
DN250 SDR17
DN200 SDR11
DN200 SDR17
DN160 SDR11
DN160 SDR17
DN110 SDR11

Dewater Products supply HDPE Butterfly Valve Spacer in all sizes to suit valves and pipe. Please contact us

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