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Butterfly valves are a simple flow control valve which have a disc that swings on a spindle shaft like a butterfly wing hence the name Butterfly Valve. The disc is mounted inside a pipe (valve body) in order to control flow and seal on a lining when closed. Connection varies depending on the valve type and can be wafer between the two pipe flanges, lugged to fasten onto a pipe flange, flanged, threaded and grooved. The Butterfly Valve is commonly opened and closed using a lever handle. In larger sizes above 200mm, then it is more common for a worm gear drive and hand wheel to be installed, as it allows for easier opening and closing for the operator. Larger Valves become harder to close with a lever handle because of the flow and volume of fluid moving in the pipe. The operator will find it much easier using a hand wheel, with geared reduction. Another common way for a butterfly valve to be opened and closed is with an Actuator. Actuators can be Pneumatic, Electric or Hydraulic. The cost varies for each type of actuator.
The seal material on butterfly valves are an important element for the correct function of a butterfly valve. The seal needs to withstand any potential damage from heat and chemicals being pumped. There are a range of seal materials available.
Our range of Butterfly Valves are CE approved, ISO approved, API-6D approved.
Dewater Products supply Butterfly Valves in all sizes, types and classes. Please contact us if you require a certain type of Valve.
Butterfly Valve seat material options are Viton, PTFE, EPDM, NBR and more.
Butterfly Disc material options are CI, DI, WCB, 304SS, 316SS, CF8, CF8M, Bronze
Butterfly Valve lining material options are PTFE, NBR, EPDM, VITON, or with nylon coating and more options.
Butterfly Valve actuator options are Pneumatic ( Air powered ), Motorized (Electric powered), or Hydraulic (Fluid powered)
Butterfly Shut off control can be done using limit switches.
Butterfly Valves can be extended using an extension spindle fitted to the butterfly valve, for easy operation when height or access restrictions to the valve make it difficult for normal operation.

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