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Knife gate valves are operated by a disc (also known as the knife) which moves up and down to control flow and isolate a pipeline. The disc gets his name from the way it functions and the fact that it typically has a sharpened edge, which is used to cut through the pipe’s contents as it is closed. Many classes, materials, types and brands of this valve can be found, along with styles of operation including actuated, manually (with hand wheel or chain) and pulley and lever.

There are resilient-seated valves for slurry applications and metal-seated for other applications. Resilient-seated valves use bi-directional sealing, while metal-seated are usually uni-directional sealing. They are full bore, non-clogging valves that can be connected in a pipeline depending on the style chosen, such as lugged, wafer (semi lugged) and fully flange. Fully flange is the most common for slurry applications with resilient sleeves that can be easily replaced.

There are rising and non-rising stem knife gate valves, and they can be epoxy painted or come in stainless steel. The main valve seat material options are NBR, EPDM, Viton and metal.

Operation can be by lever, hand wheel, chain and wheel or actuator (including electric, pneumatic, hydraulic).

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