Orbit Couplings are a brand of mechanical Pipe Coupling and Pipe Repair Clamp for joining and connecting pipes without the need for flanging, glueing, threading, butt fusing and more expensive and time methods for connecting pipes. Orbit Couplings are manufactured from 316 stainless steel for high corrosion resistance. Orbit Couplings also manufacture Pipe Repair Clamps, so that pipe bursts or holes in pipes can easily be fixed with a Repair Clamp. Sizes range from 15mm to 5000mm. The outside diameter of the pipe determines which size Orbit Coupling you need, or Orbit Coupling Pipe Repair Clamp, if it is a damaged pipe you wish to repair. The Orbit Couplings brand are a high quality and well manufactured product with the best materials for extended life span in any application. Unlike some other pipe coupling manufacturers, Orbit Couplings only manufactures pipe couplings and pipe repair clamps from 316 stainless steel. No other material is good enough for Orbit Couplings. The Orbit Couplings brand of products are easily installed by any installer with basic level of fitting experience. The only important things when installing is that the bolts are tightened at equal stages, so basically don’t tighten 1 bolt up, and then start on the next bolt. An equal tightness needs to be applied when installing. This will ensure a correct locking force around the pipe. Visit https://www.orbitcouplings.com.au/

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