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The pinch valve is a full bore type of isolation or flow control valve which uses a pinching effect to obstruct and isolate fluid flow. A Pinch Valve is used for slurry and fluids and have a sleeve that directly contacts process media. Forcing the tubing sleeve together. Pinch valves are best suited in applications where the media such as slurry is to be completely isolated from any internal valve parts. Connection is usually flange.

We can supply Pinch Valves in a large range of sizes, types and classes.

A Pinch Valve is a specially designed flow control valve for harsh and highly abrasive media in a pipeline. Full bore is achieved in a pinch valve by the use of a flexible rubber sleeve, and a dual action pinch closure mechanism. The pinch valve can also be used to modulate flow, and when fully closed will be a zero leakage valve. All parts are enclosed in a cast metal housing, adding to the long service life of a pinch valve. The flexible rubber sleeves are also fully replaceable. The pinch valve is also a bi-directional shut off valve, meaning it blocks and seals both sides of the pinch, no matter which direction or side of the valve, flow is coming from. The Linatex flexible rubber sleeve is a premium grade of rubber with an extensive service life in slurry application. Operation of the pinch valve is simple using the hand wheel to open and close the valve, with little force required, even at full operating pressure in the pipeline.

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