Teekay Couplings

Teekay Couplings for pipe connection and pipe repair in Australia for all industries using pipe. Teekay Couplings allow you to connect two pipes together using the outer diameter of each pipe to determine the size of the coupling and also repair pipe. The couplings can be axially restraining or a non-axially restraining pipe coupling. Ideal for locking pipe in position axially to prevent movement in the pipe or allow for axial movement in a pipe and where no welding is required on site to connect two pipes together.

Dewater Products supply Teekay Couplings in all sizes. Please contact us if you require a certain type of Teekay Coupling.
Teekay Couplings will suit all pipes with the outside diameter of: 21.3mm, 26.7mm, 33.4mm, 42.2mm, 48.3mm, 60.3mm, 73.0mm, 88.9mm, 101.6mm, 114.3mm, 141.3mm, 168.3mm, 219.1mm, 273.0mm, 323.8mm, 355.6mm, 406.4mm, 457mm, 508mm, 559mm, 610mm, 660mm, 711mm, 762mm, 813mm, 864mm, 914mm, 965mm, 1016mm, 1067mm, 1118mm, 1168mm, 1219mm and more.

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