Rubber Expansion Joint

Rubber Expansion Joint Perth available from DEWATER PRODUCTS. Available in size 32mm to 3600mm. A Rubber Expansion Joint also known as an expansion bellow are used in pipelines to allow flexibility, expansion and vibration between steel pipework and a pump. Any mechanical device will move and vibrate, and can cause stresses along a pipeline.

Dewater Products based in Perth, Western Australia can supply any Rubber Expansion Joint Bellow in sizes DN32 to DN3600 and with different flange classes. Material linings can be any rubber available on the market suitable for your application, and flanges can be any steel with galvanised or epoxy surface finish, or stainless steel.

Rubber expansion joints can also have tie bars between the flanges for added strength and support when axially movement may be present in the pipeline. This will ensure the rubber will remain intact and not break.

The Rubber expansion joint are used for connecting a pump to a pipeline, as the pump will be vibrating against a fixed pipe system, the rubber expansion joint will allow for Axial compression and extension, Lateral offset and Angular deflection.

There are two types of rubber expansion joints being Spheres or Spools. Sphere expansion joints are the most commonly used due to there economical cost. Spools are the more robust design with a higher cost compared with sphere expansion joints.

With both Sphere and Spool type rubber expansions they can be in the configuration of Single Arch, Double Arch and Triple Arch. These arches can be filled or unfilled. The filled type is ideally suited to Slurry and Sludge application so that the straight bore inside of the rubber expansion bore will allow to remain clean and unclogged. The unfilled arch style allows great axial, lateral and angular deflection compared with the filled type, however dirt, sludge and slurry media can get caught in the gap especially at the bottom due to gravity if installed on a horizontal pipe system. Rubber expansion joints can also come with control units or tiebars as they are otherwise known, these are recommended to be installed on a rubber expansion joint if there is going to be more movement in the rubber expansion joint than it could cope with , if it didnt have the control units fitted.

Materials of the rubber expansion joint can come in many types, different rubbers have different properties so EPDM is great for water based media, NBR is great for oil based and gas based medial, Viton is great for chemical based media and higher temperatures. Flanges and backing rings can be carbon steel, epoxy coated, stainless steel and so on.

Please contact us if you require a certain type of Rubber Expansion Joint Bellow.

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